Meet DJ Lyris

The Hybrid Specialist


Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, DJ Lyris came to Atlanta, Ga to put her passion for music to good use. DJ Lyris’s name is derived from the word “lyric” which refers to the poetry used to compose a song. 


Inspired by her father’s love for music, Lyris began collecting music spanning generations, cultivating her own unique feel for the music. This influence can be seen through her style bending, genre spanning mixes. 

Starting with mixtapes for friends and family, in 2010 DJ Lyris began to expand her knowledge by learning about mixing, blending and the art of DJ’ing. These skills have led to DJ Lyris spinning for some of the top companies in Atlanta like Ferrari, The Georgia Aquarium and various others. 


DJ Lyris currently dj’s for “AMP’D Entertainment”, an Atlanta based company that specializes in creative DJ mixing experiences.


When she isn’t rocking some of the hottest venues in Atlanta, DJ Lyris is an educator in the music industry. Lyris offers DJ lessons to music lovers of all ages with the goal of teaching anyone who wants to learn more about the beautiful world of music.